Forming the stress state of a vibroisolated building in the process of mounting rubber steel vibration isolator

Vestnik MGSU 12/2015
  • Dashevskiy Mikhail Aronovich - LLC “Vibro Seismic Protection” Doctor of Technical Sciences, technical director, LLC “Vibro Seismic Protection”, 6 Bratislavskaya str., Moscow, 109341, Russian Federation.
  • Motorin Vladimir Vladimirovich - LLC “Vibro Seismic Protection” Candidate of Technical Sciences, director general, LLC “Vibro Seismic Protection”, 6 Bratislavskaya str., Moscow, 109341, Russian Federation.
  • Akimova Irina Valer’evna - LLC “Vibro Seismic Protection” design-engineer, LLC “Vibro Seismic Protection”, 6 Bratislavskaya str., Moscow, 109341, Russian Federation.

Pages 25-33

The necessity to specificate the formation process of stress-strain state of buildings in the construction process is a new problem which requires including real production characteristics going beyond calculation models into calculation methods. Today the construction process lacks this specification. When mounting vibroisolators the stress-strein of a structure state is changing. The mounting method of vibroisolators is patented and consists in multistage successive compression loading of each vibroisolator with the constant speed and following fixation of this displacement. The specified engineering method of rubber-steel pads calculation in view of change of their form during deformation, nonlinearity, rheological processes is offered. Resilient pads look like rubber plates rectangular in plane reinforced on the basic surfaces with metal sheets. The influence of a time-variable static load and free vibrations of loaded pads are considered.

DOI: 10.22227/1997-0935.2015.12.25-33

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