The hydraulic research of the downstream of water transport hydroscheme usingaerodynamic model

Vestnik MGSU 2/2014
  • Malakhanov Vyacheslav Vasil'evich - Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Hydraulic Structuress, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU), 26 Yaroslavskoe shosse, 129337, Moscow, Russian Federation; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Pages 154-163

The article presents the results of the first stage of the model research of the river downstream currents in the water transport hydroscheme and the analysis of their influence on the channel processes and navigation.The author presents a justification of the method of river flow research using the pressure aerodynamic model. The model is a geometrically similar part of a river with the hydroscheme of 1200 m length in nature. As a result of the research the velocity profiles were indentified in six sections along riverbed, the geometric dimensions of a whirlpool were discovered, the areas of the most intensive exposure of the river flow to the banks were identified, the navigable conditions were specified on the way to the lower head lock, the recommendations for the river banks protection from erosion have been given.

DOI: 10.22227/1997-0935.2014.2.154-163

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