Vestnik MGSU 4/2012
  • Dolganov Andrey Ivanovich - Zhilekspertiza Limited Liability Company lead engineer, Zhilekspertiza Limited Liability Company, 26 Yaroslavskoe shosse, Moscow, 129337, Russian Federation; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Kaleev Denis Ivanovich - Zhilekspertiza Limited Liability Company lead engineer, Zhilekspertiza Limited Liability Company, Building 2, 21 Yablochkova St., Moscow, 127322, Russian Federation.

Pages 126 - 130

In the article, the authors perform the assessment of the reliability of overlappings of a warehouse building owned by Vysokovol'tnyy Kabel' Open Joint Stock Company. The assessment is performed in 25-38/А-D axes on the basis of the bearing capacity criterion. The authors have assessed the compliance of the condition of the restructured building with the regulatory requirements issued by the Federal Service in charge of Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, Federal Law № 116-FZ On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Industrial Facilities, issued on July 21, 1997, and Federal Law № 384-FZ Technical Regulations of Safety of Buildings and Structures, issued on December 30, 2009, in terms of the assurance of safe maintenance of the above industrial building.
The warehouse building is located within the area occupied by the Moscow cable factory. It occupies a two-aisle section of a single-storied industrial building in 25-38/А-D axes. The climatic area represents Area II, the subsection of the climatic zone is 2B. The warehouse has a metal frame; it is made of I-shaped steel columns and beams that have reinforced concrete floor slabs resting on them. The foundations are made of reinforced concrete posts resting on the concrete foundation mat.
As a result of a specialized analysis, the authors have identified that the probability of compliance of the steel beams with the requirements of the first group of limit states, with account for the identified damages, is equal to 5σ. The analysis of the structure of the overlapping and the columns demonstrates that their bearing capacity and rigidity are sufficient to resist the principal combinations of load, including the loads that come from the two allied loaded loaders of Doosan series (48B AC) that represent a short term load.

DOI: 10.22227/1997-0935.2012.4.126 - 130

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