Valery Ivanovich Telichenko, Editor-in-Chief President of FSBEI RF National Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU National Research University, PhD Engineering, Professor, RF Honoured Scientist, Academician of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Professor of MGSU Heat and Nuclear Power Project Construction Department, Russian Government Science, Engineering & Education Award Winner.
In 1970, he graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Moscow State Construction Engineering Institute Named after V.V. Kuibyshev with the Mechanical Engineering Degree. Shortly after the graduation, he joined GLAVMOSSTROY Construction Company as a Foreman. Participated in construction of AZLK Motor-Works in Moscow.
In 1971, he returned to the Moscow State Construction Engineering Institute Named after V.V. Kuibyshev as a Scientific & Research Sector Engineer.
In 1978, he passed his PhD defence in Industrial and Civil Construction Engineering Administration (Specialty 05.23.08).
In 1994, he passed his doctoral defence in Flexible Construction Technology Design Scientific and Methodical Basics in Design Automation Systems (Specialty 05.13.12).
1991-2015, Head of Department and since 1996, MGSU Deputy Principal for Scientific Research. In December 2003, he was elected MGSU Principal. In 2008, he was elected Principal for the second term.
Headed by V.I. Telichenko, MGSU secured its well-deserved position among the leading Moscow Universities. In 2007, MGSU became Innovative Education Programme Award winner. In 2010, MGSU was awarded a prestigious category – National Research University, which opened up new growth opportunities for the Construction Science and Education.
In December 2013, he was inaugurated as MGSU Principal.
In several following years, he was a member of several scientific creative teams and did the scientific research in construction and road construction machinery improvement using math methods and Construction Operations Engineering IT technologies. Since the beginning of 1990, he contributes to the Construction Education Greening Feasibility Study and the Construction Environmental Safety Assurance Scientific Research.
The above scientific work resulted in Flexible Construction Technology Design, Automated Design Administration Methodical Basics and big construction projects using IT and telecommunications, including Construction Environmental Safety Assurance Theoretical Methods and Practices. The results of the state-financed and administrative scientific research were used in designing Administrative, Regulatory and Engineering Documentation for Design, Scientific & Research and Construction institutions of USSR Ministry for Energy, USSR Ministry for Construction (today RF Ministry for Construction), RF Ministry for Natural Resources, RF Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response, RF State Nuclear Power Corporation, RF Moscow and Moscow Region Construction Sector, etc.
He is a Scientific Research Adviser and Consultant to 9 PhD's and 8 Doctors of Sciences. In addition, he is a Scientific Research Adviser to 2 post-graduates and 3 post-doctoral students. He published more than 450 scientific papers, 40 textbooks, scientific guides and theses, including: the textbooks Substructure Erection Technology, Building Production Technology, Construction Engineering Process Technology, Heat and Nuclear Power Plant Construction, Urban Environment, Construction Environmental Safety, the guides Urban Infrastructure Construction and Rebuilding, Construction Safety and Quality System Technical Regulations, the thesis Comprehensive Underground Space Development Innovative Technologies and Construction Technology and Business Process IT Modelling.
While on staff of MISI-MGSU, he contributed to the design of the following projects: SBERBANK building in Moscow, GASPROM RF JSC, Moscow City buildings, etc.
V.I. Telichenko's cooperates widely with foreign universities and scientific centres. He worked and read lectures at technical universities in Helsinki, Berlin, Aachen, and Kassel. Speaks German.
He does a public and scientific research. He is an Honoured President of the International Association of Construction Universities, a member of All-Russian Certification Committee, an Academician and First Vice President of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, a Vice President of Russian Builders’ Union, a member of RF Presidential Council Interdepartmental Committee for Olympic Games Management in Sochi in 2014, Head of Doctor Thesis Board, a member of Editorial Boards of several scientific journals, and a scientific advisor to Big Russian Encyclopaedia.
He is a winner of the following awards and honours for his professional, scientific, educational and administration activities: IV Rank Order for Merit to the Motherland IV (2011), Order of Honour (2006), RF Honoured Scientist Honour (2003), Winner of RF Government Award (2006, 2010), Medal In Memory of 850th Moscow Anniversary (1997), Medal for Uncompromising Service to Moscow for XXX Years (2007), Honourable Member of Higher Education Community Award (2002), Honourable Builder of Russia Award (2001), Honourable Builder of Moscow Award (2001), Merits of RF Ministry for Education and Science (2002, 2006, 2009, 2012), Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences Medal for the (2002) Construction Technologies Textbook Series (2002), etc.
He is awarded the titles of Honorary Professor of a number of Russian universities, including Honourable Member of Vietnam Higher Education Community and Honourable Senator of Berlin University.